Crimson Viper of Street Fighter IV

Posted by scarrgo in May 19, 2009, under Uncategorized

Known as C. Viper for short, this gadget footed, voluptuous lady James Bond in a four foot pink braid is a dynamic addition to the Street Fighter universe, and a great role model for tie wearing, ass kicking chicks everywhere. And we threw in a couple pics of Cammy in tie for good measure.


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C. Viper Cosplay

Posted by scarrgo in May 19, 2009, under Cosplay

C. Viper from Street Fighter IV is a godsend to men everywhere, if for no other reason than the cosplay she inspires. These beauties pull of some amazing costumes, be sure to check out their sites and show them some appreciation.







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Dr. Steel posters

Posted by scarrgo in May 18, 2009, under Art, celebrity, Music

Here are a few great posters from Dr. Steel, the post-apocalyptic, industrial age super villain of swanky tunes. These are some of the most insane jams you’ll ever hear, and some of the sexiest girls-in-ties posters you’ll ever see.

Dr. Steel MySpace

Dr. Steel World Domination Toys

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Janelle Monae knows how to rock it in style

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If you know anything about Janelle Monae, you know she doesn’t just rock some hip tunes, she’s also a fashion forward diva who sports ties better than most men. She’s got a style all her own and she pulls it off with class.


Janelle Monae MySpace page

Janelle Monae Official page

Janelle Monae \"Many Moons\" video

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On the Street…

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Here is a collection of girls wearing ties authentically… that is, photos taken from the street. These girls wear ties just because they like them and because it’s part of their personal statement.

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Collection of MySpace Girls In Ties

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A quick perusal of myspace finds a number of hot girls in ties. Do you know these ladies? If so, please introduce us… please :)


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Jennifer Aniston in ONLY a tie

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Can anyone doubt that a girl in a tie is not hot, especially if all she’s wearing is a tie?


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“Puke In My Mouth” video

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Probably old, but a hilarious video from, and why is it here… the DJ is wearing a tie, HOT!


Puke In My Mouth

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First Post…

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This is a temporary site until the actual site is built. If you have images you’d like to share, either from the web or your own, please send a tip to avascalis -at- yahoo -dot- com and put “git” in the subject line. We appreciate your comments and feedback. Hope you enjoy the site.

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